Unleash Hypertechno Power with Neptunica's Exclusive Samplepack!

Unleash Hypertechno Power with Neptunica's Exclusive Samplepack!

If you're ready to take your Hypertechno music production to the next level, look no further than Neptunica's cutting-edge "Hypertechno Samplepack." Crafted by the talented minds behind Neptunica, this sample pack is your gateway to creating high-energy beats that resonate with the sounds of Hypertechno icons like Neptunica, Southstar, Niklas Dee, and more.

Elevate Your Sound with the Ultimate Hypertechno Arsenal

Neptunica's Hypertechno Samplepack is a treasure trove of meticulously crafted sounds, designed to empower your music production journey. With a comprehensive selection of 41 Kicks, 5 Bass Shots, 4 Claps, 14 Hats, 5 Percussions, 4 Rides, and more, this pack delivers the essential building blocks for crafting the perfect Hypertechno beats.

Drum Elements:

  • 41 Kicks
  • 5 Bass Shots
  • 4 Claps
  • 14 Hats
  • 5 Percussions
  • 4 Rides
  • 11 Rumble Kicks
  • 5 Snares

FX and Loops:

  • 7 FXs
  • 15 Fills
  • 34 Hat Loops
  • 59 Kick Loops
  • 12 Other Loops
  • 3 Songstarter Packs

Dive into the Hypertechno Universe

Neptunica's Samplepack is not just a collection of sounds; it's a journey into the heart of the Hypertechno universe. Each element has been carefully curated to capture the essence of the genre, allowing you to infuse your tracks with the same energy and vibe that define the sound of renowned artists.

Your Passport to Hypertechno Greatness

Whether you're an aspiring producer or a seasoned professional, the Hypertechno Samplepack is your passport to greatness. Elevate your music with kicks that thump, snares that snap, and loops that captivate. The diverse range of elements ensures that you have the flexibility to experiment and create tracks that stand out in the Hypertechno scene.

Inspired by the Best, Crafted for You

Neptunica's Samplepack draws inspiration from the likes of Neptunica, Southstar, Niklas Dee, Calvin Harris, and many more. This means you're not just getting a collection of sounds; you're getting the essence of the artists who have defined the Hypertechno landscape.

Why Choose Neptunica's Hypertechno Samplepack?

  • Quality Assurance: Every sound is expertly crafted and rigorously tested to ensure top-notch quality.

  • Versatility: From rumble kicks to intricate loops, this pack offers the versatility you need to create tracks that span the entire Hypertechno spectrum.

  • Artist-Approved: Crafted by the minds behind Neptunica, this sample pack reflects the expertise and passion of artists who have made a mark in the Hypertechno scene.


In the realm of Hypertechno, sound is everything, and Neptunica's Hypertechno Samplepack is your key to unlocking a world of sonic possibilities. Elevate your productions, draw inspiration from the best, and make your mark on the Hypertechno landscape. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to shape your sound with the definitive Hypertechno Samplepack. Download it now and let the music speak for itself!



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