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Hypertechno Samplepack⛓️ by Neptunica (Vol.1)

Hypertechno Samplepack⛓️ by Neptunica (Vol.1)

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📁 230+ high quality wav-Files and 9 amazing midi-files including...

41 Kicks, 5 Bass Shots, 4 Claps, 14 Hats, 5 Percussions, 4 Rides, 11 Rumble Kicks, 5 Snares, 7 FXs, 15 Fills, 34 Hat Loops, 59 Kick Loops, 12 Other Loops & 3 Songstarter Packs. 🔊

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🧑‍🎨 This is the only hypertechno drum pack you'll need to sound like your favourite Hypertechno artists like:

Neptunica, Southstar, Niklas Dee, Calvin Harris, cassö, Raye, D-Block Europe, Creeds, Durdenhauer, erobé, KXXMA, Gusted, Kevin d’Angello, Turbokevin, BENNETT, LUNAX, Luca-Dante Spadafora, Marnik, MAXAM, VIZE, Nicolas Julian, Old Jim, NIKSTER, Ostekke, Valexus, Ski Aggu, Yung Yury, CH4YN, IIVEN, Robin Schulz etc.

🎧 Step into the Neptunica universe…

with this mind-blowing sample pack hotter than a supernova rave. Perfect for both bedroom beat crafters and seasoned DJs, Hypertechno Vol.1 is the secret weapon to turn your tracks into audio firestorms.

💥 Forget the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary!

We've curated pulsating kicks, electrifying FX, and gravity-defying percussion that Elon Musk wishes he had in his playlist. Your music will be so lit that even extraterrestrial beings will be grooving to your beats.

🚨 Warning: Positive side effects may include…

spontaneous dance parties, uncontrollable head-nodding, and an increased desire to remix the entire universe. But hey, that's the price of greatness, right?

🎁 Discover the coolest and best techno sounds inside…

from futuristic FX to mind-bending loops. This pack has everything you need to transform your productions from "meh" to "OMG, what is this sorcery?"

🌈 Elevate your music game with Hypertechno by Neptunica Vol.1.

It's not just a sample pack, it's your ticket to a sonic wonderland where beats are fierce, sounds are celestial, and the vibes are out of this world. Buckle up, space cadet, and let the music take you where no track has gone before! 🚀✨

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